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    Dear Comrades, thanks for making ‘SNEA’ No. 1 Executives’ Association  which represents all streams of Executives in BSNL.

    Only the Majority Association ‘SNEA’ has been given all rights to represent the issues of Executives. Only ‘SNEA’ is allowed to have agenda based ‘FORMAL’ meetings with Management. Only ‘SNEA’ is allowed to negotiate on behalf of Executives belonging to all streams at all levels i.e. SSA, Circle & Corporate. You might have seen in Association's website that Management is giving meetings only to 'SNEA'......... Click here

    For support Association ‘AIBSNLEA’, it will not be obligatory for Management to respond to or generate dialogue on the issues raised by AIBSNLEA, the support Association. Even 'INFORMAL’ meeting may be given only on the discretion of Management.

    All other Associations have ceased their existence.

Total quota per member/month is Rs. 70/- (50+20).

Rs.20/- CHQ, Rs.15/- PHQ, Rs.15/- Branch & Rs.20/- as Welfare. Association gives Rs.100000/- to the family of member in case of any unfortunate death of the member.

Executives Unity Zindabad

Ajai Trivedi, Circle Secretary SNEA UP (East) Circle